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Alex Honnold: Penalty For Error Is Certain Death

alexWhen I saw the 60 minutes special: "The Ascent of Alex Honnold," I couldn’t even fathom the thought of free solo climbing. I am not sure I could ever even dream of doing the climbs that were featured even if I could use ropes. Now, I am by no means a climber but I have done in-door and well… that seems hard (but FUN) to me. I can’t even imagine hanging from my fingertips with one false move leading to a quick, painful fall resulting in my death.
This seriously takes dedication, practice and focus. When this special dove into his life, it literally is all he does. He lives out of his van and goes after climb after climb.  

Featured Athlete: A.J. Rompza

The NBA lockout is still going on, WHACK! But basketball will still be going down in Orlando. The UCF Knights kicked off the season on Nov 5th against West VA Tech!

AJNow, AJ isn't just a UCF basketball player, he is one of the most positive people I have ever encountered! His twitter account is a must follow (@A3Rompza) filled with positive anecdotes, tweets of determination and of course some comical relief but the boys got skills! If you haven't seen this its a must watch!

In a sports world filled with cocky players, players getting arrested or doing anything other then playing the game they love, it was refreshing to come across such a young, vibrant, and talented player with such a positive outlook on life and a true love for the game. He nevers takes a day for granted and reminded me to do the same, AJ thank you for your inspiration! GO KNIGHTS!

The Ladies of UConn & Their 89 Game Winning Streak

Every morning before work, I turn on Good Morning America. I like to catch up on what is going on around the world and see what the crazy Florida weather has in store for the day. On Monday, GMA covered a story about the University of Connecticut’s Women’s basketball team. Why, you ask? Well, their basketball team has achieved something pretty amazing – they have won 88 games in a ROW!

Check out these additional stats:

Pick a QB, Any QB

For anyone that has been watching college football, this season has been STRANGE to say the least. Number 1 teams are losing to unranked teams, teams that were always ranked aren’t ranked and the only word I can really find for this is ODD.

The True Meaning of Sports

The day after Duke won the National Championship I had a fight with a man over the game of basketball. He told me I had no room to join in the conversation because I do not truly understand the game. I told him he needs to learn his audience before he opens his mouth, gave him a business card, and told him to look me up when he needed information on all things sports. The next day he comes into work, apologizes, then proceeds to tell me that I would never understand the true meaning of the game because I didn't come from the "hood." I was still a little fired up because I have played this thing they call "street ball." For crying out loud I broke my face playing "street ball." At that moment I decided that my post was going to be where you would actually find the purest, truest, form of the game.

Life on the Sidelines – A Season to Look Back On

Guest blogger, Arin Thompson

I told you a couple weeks ago about my first season as a high school basketball coach. We were coming up on the sectionals and I was pretty excited about the possibility of winning the school’s first sectional game. Unfortunately, that win did not come to fruition. Before the game, we told the boys that if they kept their opponent under 50 points, then we had a really good shot of winning the game. They went out and did just that, they held them to 49 points. We just decided to pick the wrong night to have our worst shooting game of the season and lost by 10 points. The kids weren’t devastated at the loss, because they knew they did everything they could have on the defensive end of the floor; they just didn’t make their shots. That was a very positive response that I really didn’t expect out of the team.