Fan From Cradle to Grave

I saw the most adorable picture on the Today Show of newborn babies in Pittsburgh wrapped in Steelers Terrible Towels, and it got me thinking. Some fans really are die-hard, all or nothing, fanatical fans from the cradle to the grave.

The Beginning of Magic Domination

Wow! What a way to start Round 2 for the Orlando Magic!  With a dominating win over the Atlanta Hawks, 114-71, the Magic showed up and clearly had no mercy. I still haven’t wiped the smile off my face! 

I had the pleasure of going to the playoff game last night, and I have to say I witnessed a perfect synergy from our boys as the Amway Arena lit up again and again over dunks, hustle, rebounds, blocks, alley-oops, 3 pointers, etc. I feel like we are unstoppable!

LadyBallers Busy Weekend Recap: ESPN and NBA

Basketball, Baseball and Football, Oh My!  Yep, that is right, your favorite ladies had a chock full, packed weekend and we of course want to share all the juicy details. LBTrophy

It all started Saturday when the rain and cold weather ruined the plans we had set… Farmer’s Markets and Chillounge Orlando.  However, who knew this would be a blessing is disguise? We had an Orlando Magic / Duke / JJ Redick fan in town so we opted to show her how the ladies grub out, drink up and get our shoppin’ on.  Yes, even though we dig our sports we still have to hold up the “Lady” part!  We met up with her and had a fantastic day around Orlando.  The highlight of the day, however, was when LadyBaller Lisa invited us to join her tomorrow at ESPN: The Weekend.  SCORE!  Excitement and giddiness ensued! 

How extreme are you?

A couple weeks ago, Colleen and I went ZIPLINING!!!  Well, if you want to get all technical, the pros call it "zipping," so I'll say Colleen and I went ZIPPING!!! We went to a place not too far from Orlando - Forever Florida. Our first set of unsecure, construction-like scaffolding stairs were 45 FT and it consisted of 3 zips. Our guides referred to this set as the “bunny slopes,” or for those of us who don’t ski – the BABY zips. I have to admit, I was pretty cocky before hand.

For your viewing pleasure!

If you've read my About Me you know that I am a former Junior Magic basketball player! I've played basketball my whole life and while looking through some old pictures with my momma dukes, I found some pictures I decided to share with all of you to prove my awesomeness and some terrible hair! Get stoked!

'SUP PINK SHORTS?! I had to make sure they all knew a Lady Baller was on the court and what a better way to do that with BRIGHT PINK shorts!

Bo Outlaw dunks on Colleen Burns at the Orlando Magic Youth Foundation charity event

Monday night I had the pleasure of doing these 4 awesome things:

  • Celebrating the LadyBallers website launch (yay!)
  • Meeting Kevin Holden - the Magic television host! (Lord knows, Colleen and I searched all over the place last week at the Magic vs. Pacers game)

The official launch of the LadyBallers!

What started out as a basketball group on Twitter, our little endeavor has quickly turned into a social network and blog for the love of all things sports, healthy competition, and excitement. Females always get a negative wrap when participating in or discussing sports, so we, the LadyBallers, created this community - both for females AND males - who do not judge women who love to watch, talk, and participate in sports.