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Featured Athlete: A.J. Rompza

The NBA lockout is still going on, WHACK! But basketball will still be going down in Orlando. The UCF Knights kicked off the season on Nov 5th against West VA Tech!

AJNow, AJ isn't just a UCF basketball player, he is one of the most positive people I have ever encountered! His twitter account is a must follow (@A3Rompza) filled with positive anecdotes, tweets of determination and of course some comical relief but the boys got skills! If you haven't seen this its a must watch! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fYjOScGcGps

In a sports world filled with cocky players, players getting arrested or doing anything other then playing the game they love, it was refreshing to come across such a young, vibrant, and talented player with such a positive outlook on life and a true love for the game. He nevers takes a day for granted and reminded me to do the same, AJ thank you for your inspiration! GO KNIGHTS!

I Told You So

I hate to sit here and tell you I told you so. So I won't do it. On two occasions I feel I have the right too. One being Jim Tressel and two being Dwight Howard. Right now I'll just focus on D12 because I'm sure I can go on and on about Ohio State. 

I am just so happy that Dwight finally came out and said he doesn't want to leave Orlando. The man made no indication that he wanted to, he never said he wanted too, and the media was just acting like a bunch of hungry lions making up stories. Now the media gods are going to flip turn all his words around. I'm sure the next Sentinel article will read "Dwight only staying until he closes on house in LA, that's what he meant." 


Rival: (n): one of two or more striving to reach or obtain something that only one can posses.

After all these years, this may be the time where the Heat and Magic are rivals? Rivalries always add that extra notch in excitement. Teams hate each other, fans hate each other, and you actually count down the days until you meet again. Rivals make the world go round. We have Democrats and Republicans, Steelers vs Ravens, Duke vs Carolina, Yankees vs Red Sox, USA vs Canada, Potter vs Voldemort, and now Magic vs Heat.
I ask myself though, does everyone think of the Heat as a 'rival' now? They are hated, well more specifically LeBron is hated. Is when the Heat come to town everyone's big game? Who is the one that actually has to step up and make a rivalry? The fans? The teams? Or do both of these franchises not have enough history under their belts to make a rivalry. Let's think about this, this Magic/Heat thing has all the makings of a rivalry. Both teams came into the league at just about the same time, both are in Florida, both have struggled and both have succeeded. Overall the Heat lead the history of the series 45-41, its a fairly even dual.

This Pitch Is Bad!

When your mother sends you an email suggesting a story to report on… it’s probably worth checking out and this one is definitely worth checking out.

- Another perfect pitching record this year, 12-0
- Threw second perfect game -- and predicted this one just hours before
- Fastball hits the mid-60s
- Sends opponents to the bench in tears; embarrassing them with a knuckleball

Half-Time Entertainment

What is considered too far? What's considered good for sports? What's considered bad for sports? We sit here and we praise the athlete who is a good role model, while we banish the ones who are not so good. Does it stop at the athlete or does it continue? Is it the referees job to be a good role model? Is it an expectation of the fan to be a role model? In case you haven't guessed yet, I'm pondering the incident between veteran referee Joe DeRosa and Orlando Magic fan, Franz Hanning, that occured on Tuesday night during game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals.

To Rest? Or Not to Rest?

 The past few years I have been very lucky to see my sports teams succeed in their respective leagues. Currently, I am so wrapped up in the Stanley Cup playoffs, I actually rearrange my life just so I can be in front of a television when the puck drops for the night. I watch all teams, all games. I claim I'm 'scouting' for the Pittsburgh Penguins. In actuality, I have no life. Thank the stars that the Magic and the Pens have had an alternate schedule, so I rarely have to decide between the two.

The True Meaning of Sports

The day after Duke won the National Championship I had a fight with a man over the game of basketball. He told me I had no room to join in the conversation because I do not truly understand the game. I told him he needs to learn his audience before he opens his mouth, gave him a business card, and told him to look me up when he needed information on all things sports. The next day he comes into work, apologizes, then proceeds to tell me that I would never understand the true meaning of the game because I didn't come from the "hood." I was still a little fired up because I have played this thing they call "street ball." For crying out loud I broke my face playing "street ball." At that moment I decided that my post was going to be where you would actually find the purest, truest, form of the game.