Life on the Sidelines – A Season to Look Back On

Guest blogger, Arin Thompson

I told you a couple weeks ago about my first season as a high school basketball coach. We were coming up on the sectionals and I was pretty excited about the possibility of winning the school’s first sectional game. Unfortunately, that win did not come to fruition. Before the game, we told the boys that if they kept their opponent under 50 points, then we had a really good shot of winning the game. They went out and did just that, they held them to 49 points. We just decided to pick the wrong night to have our worst shooting game of the season and lost by 10 points. The kids weren’t devastated at the loss, because they knew they did everything they could have on the defensive end of the floor; they just didn’t make their shots. That was a very positive response that I really didn’t expect out of the team.

Life on the Sidelines

Guest Blogger, Arin Thompson

I want to take a break from the Mock Draft Monday this week to talk about something that is on my mind. If you’ve read my profile on here, you know that I coach high school boys basketball. While that might not seem like a big deal, I can assure you that in the state of Indiana, it is. I didn’t get into coaching for ego purposes or for a hobby. I didn’t get into coaching in hopes that if there is a sequel to “Hoosiers," I would be the main focus. I got into coaching, because I love basketball and everything that the game has to offer a young man or woman.

Mock Draft Monday: All-Star Edition - Building a Franchise

Guest Blogger: Arin Thompson

I’m sitting here, watching the All-Star game and I started thinking about who I would start a franchise with if I had to build from scratch. So, I started thinking a bit more about the lottery teams and decided that this MDM is going to be a true lottery and the worst teams in the NBA are going to get to “rebuild” with this version.

Again, I will go by the worst winning percentage and work my way up to the 13th pick. Feel free to leave your thoughts below.

New Jersey Nets

Blue Monday

Guest Blogger: Arin Thompson

There will be no Mock Draft Monday today, because my brain and my pride are too damaged after the game last night. Instead, I will torment you all with my depression.

Mock Draft Monday

Welcome guest blogger, Arin Thompson.

As part of my first post with the LadyBallers, I would like to say thank you for the opportunity to join in on the festivities of this fresh “new” take on sports.