2010:The Year In Sports

SaintsWOW, 2010 is almost over and what a year it was! It seemed to be a year of surprises, scandals and underdog wins!

The year started off with the New Orleans Saints beating Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts to take home the Superbowl ring! WHO DAT!! 

Sticking with football, there was the Mcnabb trade from the Eagles to divison rivals the Redskins. Personally, my favorite football highlight was the return of Michael Vick as an MVP contender and new man! I love a good comeback story and Vick really seemed to take the positive life route and change his life for the better speaking to many schools about his experiences and attempting to make a positive impact in young peoples lives.

Female Sports Professional: Melissa Miller

This is our third installment of Female Sports Professional! Today we are featuring the lovely magical Melissa Miller. We will learn about her journey of working in the sports world and with the LadyBallers favorite sports organization, The Orlando Magic! Melissa is currently the, very busy, Assistant Brand Manager for the Magic.mmiller

How long have you been in the sports industry? This is my 6th NBA season at the Orlando Magic.

Please give us a little background on how you got to your current role:  
The summer after I graduated college at the University of Illinois, my advisor sent out a job posting for a Creative Services internship at the Orlando Magic. I applied, thinking that this would be a great opportunity, but never that I would get it! My first boss as an intern left a month after I started, so I had the ability to gain even more hands-on experience than expected as it was then just myself and our graphic designer.

The Ladies of UConn & Their 89 Game Winning Streak

Every morning before work, I turn on Good Morning America. I like to catch up on what is going on around the world and see what the crazy Florida weather has in store for the day. On Monday, GMA covered a story about the University of Connecticut’s Women’s basketball team. Why, you ask? Well, their basketball team has achieved something pretty amazing – they have won 88 games in a ROW!

Check out these additional stats:

Anatomy of a Point Guard pt 2

Most are probably expecting the rants and ramblings of a Magic fan for this post. I have decided to hold off on these opinions, basically because I have heard a few rumors that Otis Smith is not done and Chris Duhon and Q Rich are on the way out. So I am just going to hold on to my opinionated tongue until I see what the "bigger picture" is.

Since it is just about the end of the year I figure it's time for another installment of the "Anatomy of a Point Guard".

I have a semi tweaked formula. The only change is instead of using the players average minutes per game, I am using the full 48 minutes in the equation. In case you missed part one, the concern was that players were being rewarded for not being able to play as long as other guys. What I found fascinating with the new formula, was that Rajon Rondo was the focus because he rated so low, with using the full 48 he doesn't raise to much higher on the list. Unfortunately, I could not find my original piece of scratch paper so I don't have a base rating to fully see if any players raised or drop on my rankings. I am going to hold onto these ones, to make sure that if any changes are made to the formula I can redo the base rankings.

Without further ado, let's see where these guys fall at the end of 2010!

Ten Powerful Phrases for Positive People

devosOne thing I truly love about the Orlando Magic Organization is the solid fondation that is behind it year in and year out.  No matter the players or the win/loss ratio, they have a team that is backed by a huge heart and character and that is the DeVos family. Rich DeVos has owned the Orlando Magic since '91 and his family continues to have a huge hand in the entire organization.  However, not only do they run the back-end side of things (stuff the normal fan may not pay attention to) but they make it a personal goal to reach out to the players and motivate them for team and personal benefit.

13 Rules

Have any of you actually ever sat down and read the original thirteen rules of basketball? Well, I saw somewhere the other day that the paper Dr. James Naismith wrote the rules down on sold for 4.3 million dollars at an auction. That got my curiousity kicking and I looked up the 13 rules. It's fascinating to me to look at each of these rules, envision how the game was played then and compare it to todays game.

Amway Center: Home is Where the Fun Is

We gave you a preview to the beautiful Amway Center before it opened, but now that the LadyBallers have been to a number of games and we are familiar with the place, it's time to give you the insider view of the best of the best! There is so much to take advantage of in and around this amazing venue. This post will be chock full of links to Yelp reviews as well, so be sure to check out what the rest of the Orlando community has to say!

Inside Amway:

Let's start with the Amway Center itself! This state-of-the-art building is full of beautiful decor, Magic info and history, and yummy food and drinks! With TV screens on either side of all the concession stands, you never miss a minute of the game. They even play the radio broadcast of the game in the restrooms! There are plenty of options to feed your hunger and quench your thirst no matter where you turn. The Center is also very conveniently located within walking distance of downtown restaurants and bars if you'd like to make an evening of it with dinner before and a night out after a game!

Basketball 101 Clinic for Females - Survey

If you are a female sports fan and interested in giving your opinion about an informational and interactive Basketball 101 clinic, we would love to hear from you!


This poll will close on December 31st 2010.  Thank you, can't wait to hear from you!

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Mirror Images?

The 1990-91 Duke team changed my life.

The 1991-92 Duke team changed my changed life.

Best basketball team ever? Probably. The team that made me a sports fanatic, a statistics junkie, and made me realize that Mike Krzyzewski is an artist and a genius, yes. But I digress, I'm not trying to relive my preteen years, I'm just thinking.

As I watch this years Duke Blue Devils, I wonder, are they one in the same? The 1991 team had three seniors (Christian Laettner, Brian Davis, Ron Burt). The 2010 team has three seniors (Nolan Smith, Kyle Singler, Casey Peters). The 1991 team started ranked #1, and never lost that spot. The 2010 team started ranked #1 and have yet to lose that spot. The 1991 team, had to play a to the buzzer game against Michigan five games into the season.

Female Sports Professional: Amber Anderson

This is our second bi-weekly installment of Female Sports Professional! Today we are featuring the vibrant and lovely Amber Anderson as she contribuets tidbits and insight about her journey of working in the sports world and with the LadyBallers favorite sports organization, The Orlando Magic! Amber runs the Grassroots Marketing initiatives as the Coordinator.

AMBERDHHow long have you been in the sports industry? 6 years

How did you learn you wanted to get into the sports industry?
I come from a VERY sports loving family. Sports were always on in our house. I was a cheerleader for 14 years, my dad is a high school girl’s basketball coach, and my mom and grandma are 2 of the most knowledgeable sports fans I know! I moved here to Orlando to attend UCF in 2001. My first semester, I went to my first Magic game and I was hooked on the team… And the rest is history!