Featured Tweeter: Farewell Elizabeth

We heard some sad news this week from a fellow LadyBaller. Elizabeth is leaving the group to pursue her own projects and commitments. Sad, sad, sad.

Liz, thank you. Thank you for being one of the core ladies of this group who really put in a lot of time and effort to get it up and running. Thank you for creating our awesome logo and website! Thanks for your insightful blog posts. Thanks for always being supportive and helpful, and thank you for being our Relay for Life team captain this year.

Female Sports Professional: Justine Brown

Me, Sydney Smallbone, Kelley Cain, Vicki BaughWe have had such a huge appreciation for our feature: Female Sports Professionals! Thank you! We hope you are learning and being inspired as much as we are from these amazing ladies.

Today we make way for a lady who has experience all over courts and fields: Justine Brown. A new grad from the University of Tennessee with various roles under her belt including Fox Sports Radio, NFL Network and team manager for Coach Summitt and the Lady Vols' basketball team. Currently she is a Production-Assistant with the NFL Network. Let’s find out more about her!

Featured Tweeter: List Edition

Happy Friday! How long has #FF been going on? Feels like years! You know how they say it really doesn’t matter how many followers you have, just how relevant you are? Well, lists are a great way to break it down on relevance. I am sharing some of my lists that I keep up with on daily that I think you will be interested in.

I've Got My Tap Shoes On

Most of you have probably seen Black Swan by now (I was a little late on this). Aside from the dark, twisted story itself, I was totally mesmerized by the actual dancers. Dancing has always peaked my interest… bet you didn’t know I was a dancer back in the day, huh? I never got into ballet like the ladies and gents in Black Swan, but I was pretty much the best tap and jazz dancer (at least that’s what my mom says).

Am I Nuts?

It's no secret I'm passionate about sports, more importantly I have insane passion towards my teams. This stems from my childhood. I've asked myself this weekend if it's even healthy? Let me tell you some stories (though I probably shouldn't). 

Imagine me as a 11 year old girl who would make herself sleep on the floor every tiime Duke would lose a game. In my mind the guys knew I was punishing myself therefore they would play harder the next game. I forgot to mention I had hardwood floors in my bedroom. I have had the same Penn State football jersey since the 1992 season. My beloved tear away material, number 32, Russell brand, and I still call it my Ki-Jana jersey (though about 10 more guys have worn the number since I'm sure). I tried to buy a new jersey last season.

Yoga 101

Yoga is not simply stretching or meditation. With it's spiritual (not religious) framework, many people do not consider yoga to be a sport. While there may not be any... um... balls involved or competition, it is a quite athletic activity. There are many different types of yoga practice, from mellow and comfortable, to 90+ degrees and faster paced. Many professional athletes use yoga to improve their strength, flexibility, and balance. 

Let 'em Play!!

In a previous post, I talked about how the NBA is ruining the game by using technical fouls too much calling some of the most ridiculous technical fouls I have ever seen and something similar is going on with the NFL fining players for "dangerous" hits and unneccasary roughness.

How do you tame one of the most violent and physical sports?

My Completely Unbiased Thoughts

Usually my posts are filled with facts and numbers. This one is nowhere near as factual or educational as one may expect from me. This post is all about how the Baltimore Ravens make me sick to my stomach. I hate them. I hate everything about them. Have I mentioned I am a Steelers fan? 

Female Sports Professional: Jessica Quiroli

We just can't get enough of the Female Sports Professionals! Today we make way for a lady on the diamond: Jessica Quiroli who offers an elevated view of Minor League Baseball with her blog High Heels On The Field and recently covered high school sports for Ultimate Athlete Magazine. We will learn about how she turned her passion into a writing dream and how she continually proves that women deserve a voice with sports! 

ESPNW - What's The Deal?

In December, ESPN launched a site geared towards female sports and solely has female reports: ESPNW. There are mixed reviews coming in from all sides on this site and we wanted to share some of ours plus ask you to share yours!

What ESPNW commits to providing and who they are about:

"We are excited to bring together some of the best and brightest writers in the business, all of whom are true sports fans at heart. Through espnW, we'll bring you commentary and analysis on the sports stories that matter to you. We'll also shine a brighter spotlight on the accomplishments of women athletes — elite and everyday.

For all of you who love sports we hope you find this product (and our products still to come) surprising, informative and inspiring. We want to talk with women who are both active and strong athletes and passionate and engaged sports fans. You'll find meaningful coverage of the games, teams and players you care about most right here." - Meet the Team