How Do You Pick?

Let's face it, when you went into work today everyone was scrambling to get theirbrackets finished. Some people were doing it in secret (for whatever reason some work places don't support gambling), other places just don't care and accept this as being as American as apple pie. Yeah, I know what you're thinking, the tournament started yesterday. Not even ESPN acknowledged "the first four", at least bracket wise, because you have to have your's finished today on their site. I did all mine last night, and for the 15th season in a row I picked Duke to win the National Championship. Which leads me to my thought of the day, how do you pick

Rebecca Lobo: Women Sports Pioneer

Growing up, I had a dream to play for the University of Connecticut. This was heavily influenced by my family's ties to the state of Connecticut, my dad's love for UCONN, and great influential players like Rebecca Lobo. I felt it necessary to pay tribute to one of the greatest professional women athletes who made a huge impact on women in sports.Lobo

Growing up, I remember watching her play and thinking, "yeah girls can be good at basketball, really really good!" She helped lead the Huskies to an undefeated season and an NCAA championship. Not only was she great at basketball, she earned American honors for her academics as well.

Featured Tweeter: @nbadraftblog

Duh, Winning; Happy, happy Friday everyone! We are throwin' it back to the gentlemen today and featuring a supportive, driven, NBA ace: Ed Isaacson / @nbadraftblog.  He is an NBA Draft Analyst as well as the Owner/Writer of Also, he's got street cred as a member of United States Basketball Writers Association (USBWA).


Why should you follow him?

March Madness For A Cause!

mmAs you all know the LadyBallers are all about recognizing players for their work and commitment to community and organizations. Well, we also like to do what we can for organizations that are close to our heart as well.

Last year we participated in Relay for Life and we loved it so much we are doing it again this year. Find out why Alexis and Jessica relay and also catch a peek at what we did last year.

Elizabeth is heading up the team and we are giving as much time and effort as we can. We are also looking for generous donations and team members. There is also a FUN and FABULOUS way to help out this year... MARCH MADNESS WAY! 

Female Sports Professional: Mahogany Ratcliffe

mahogHappy Monday! It's time for one of our favorite features: Female Sports Professional! Today we have the other brilliant part of the lovely co-creators and co-hosts of Bad Girls of Sports:Mahogany Ratcliffe. We featured her counterpart, Jennifer Rodriguez, back in February. Mahogany is the producer and co-host of On the Inside Sports, a radio-talk show she dubs “Entertainment Tonight meets The Best Damn Sports Show." Growing up on football, n she followed her sports love path into college and became a sports reporter and went on to intern for Fox Sports Net South where her love for everything sports grew into NASCAR and Baseball. Mahogany has gone on to work in production at CNN, CBS, BET and continues to hold a position at CBS Radio.

How long have you been in the sports industry? Started in Sports in 2000, so 11 years.

Will it ever stop?

bibbyDuring starting lineups before the Lakers game I turned to Colleen and said "I just don't have any love for Jason Richardson, he's just kind of there." She agreed and 10 seconds later we moved on cheering for the rest of the team. The point of that is a team is a team and you love your team, not a logo. It's not that I don't like JRich, I want him to succeed and prosper, it's just that I don't have that connection to him... yet. Clearly the rest of Amway feels the same because he always gets the least raucous cheers.

Forever Grateful

After a liver transplant and a rough Hepatitis B battle, my father passed away on February 17th, 2011.fam

I am fortunate enough to have a great support system of family or friends but it hurts very much. I try to ease the pain with memories of good times with my dad and the majority of them are attached to game of basketball.

Enough Already


I've never been more excited to see the meaningless date of February 24th come and go. I am so tired of the spectacle that NBA players put on about being traded. Whatever happened to the days when a team was a team and when a trade happened it rocked the boat. When did the NBA become such a prime time drama series? And what is the deal with teams completely changing their roster midway through the season?

Female Sports Professional: Jennifer Taglione

ssToday we have the lovely Jennifer Taglione who is very similar to your very own LadyBallers. She is the founder and owner of Stiletto Sports: a site that began in 2008 as a small blog hoping that its fun and unique voice would help encourage women to learn more about the sports that are dominating our society. Now, it has an extremely dedicated following.

Please give us a little background on how you got to your current role:  
Oh boy. Well, it kinda fell in my lap by accident. Back in 2008 I up and quit my job to become a writer and start my own blog! I had no idea what I wanted to write. My friend told me I had to find a niche, something I could say better than anyone else. In the meantime, he recommended I start typing up all my old articles from our college newspaper. In the wee hours of the night/morning, I found myself laughing at loud at the articles I had written for the sports section of the paper. I had friends on a lot of teams and they would always make me cover their games--from basketball and softball to rugby and hockey.

Anatomy of a Point Guard All-Star Break


Wow! Can you believe the All-Star break is here already??

It seems like the season just tipped off yesterday. Since this is the so-called midway (or three-quarter) point of the NBA season I figured it is time for another installment of "Anatomy of a Point Guard".

For re-cap check out the first two posts:

Anatomy of a Point Guard 1

Anatomy of a Point Guard 2

Let's go through a quick recap of what I believe the anatomy of a point guard should be;