2011 Phillies: Thank You for a Great Season!

Exactly one year ago today, our friend and guest blogger, Marisa Gothieposted a note thanking our 2010 Phillies... crazy how time flies and seasons swoop by.phils

Note:   It was my hope that when I was writing the reflection of this season it wouldn’t be until November; written after many celebrations, a parade down Broad Street and a ring ceremony in the future.  Sadly, this is not the case.  I needed time to compose myself after the NLDS loss to the Cardinals but hope you enjoy this reflection. One phrase to describe the 2011 Philadelphia Phillies Season….roller-coaster.  A roller coaster filled with high hills and low dips, one with twists and turns and flips that can turn you 180 degrees.  It was a season highlighted with some of the highest highs this franchise has ever seen:  102 wins, shattered pitching stats, batting crowns won and marred with inquiries and non production at times.

Work Ethic vs Raw Talent

Work Ethic. It is imperative to have good morals and apply them to your ambitions and career to truly succeed in anything in life. Don’t you agree?

Recent conversations, movies and discussions I have had the last two weeks really have me diving deep into the importance of morals and work ethic; Especially in the realm of sports. As we know, raw talent is a special gift, however when it’s coupled with positive, good work ethic, there is no stopping that person. However, when it is simply raw talent… well you are only as strong as your weakest link and not having a good head on your shoulders or playing bad politics in any industry will only hurt you, and most people around you, in the end. 

twitThe “Official Home of Nets Basketball” on Twitter recently started a discussion on which is more important. I immediately, without hesitation, go with work ethic. Not only can you use this in every area of your life, but you can also improve upon a skill easier than improving your morals. Do you agree? Would you personally rather have raw talent or naturally practice positive work ethics?

Female Sports Professional: Angie Taylor

Have you been engaging in Twitter #chats? If not, you should be! It is a great way to meet others with similar interests as well as gain insight into some interesting topics. Today we are featuring PR specialist, Angie Taylor, the host of #SportsPRchat on Twitter! She has been involved with the sports industry for the past 6 years. 


Please give us a little background on how you got to your current role:          

Outside of my full-time position as Assistant Account Executive for Weber Shandwick, a global public relations firm, I became involved with #SportsPRchat, a Twitter-hosted chat (every Tuesday evening at 9 p.m. ET), earlier this year. The chat features questions based on current sports issues and communications trends affecting the industry.

It's Easier This Way

As you may remember about a month ago I discussed baseball for probably only the second or third time. When you've been a Pirates fan your entire life sometimes talking about losing can become methodical and boring (especially after 18 years). I have been pretty pumped up since the season started over these "Battling Buccos". Then something happened. I refer to it as "the day the music died", July 26 2011.

Are Men Afraid?

This is something that I should have talked about earlier, but you know how that old saying goes, "better late than never". Let me set the scene for you. I'm driving from Pennsylvania to North Carolina to stop by and see my cousin on the way back to Florida. I find myself driving through West Virginia and I'm sick and tired listening to the music I have. At that point, I decide to start scanning through the radio.

Female Sports Professional: Marcelle English

Did you know that women watch more sports than soap operas! Yep, BigResearch Media Study found us that over 60% of women watched sports regularly vs. 42% who watched soap operas regularly. Thanks to sites like Jersey Girl Sports for recognizing this and creating a one stop shop for for female sports fans around the world! Today we are happy to have one of the founders of this great site, Marcelle English, who has been in the sports industry for almost 7 years, share her experience with us. Marcelle

Very similar to LadyBallers, Jersey Girl Sports strive to create an experience where a woman can find her place and add value within her favorite sport. Additionally they educate, inform and entertain women who enjoy sports. Jersey Girl Sports understands the power and influence that women have in sports and thus creates opportunities to capitalize on the strengths and value they bring to the industry.

Please give us a little background on how you got to your current role: I have been a sports enthusiast for since high school. I did my first celebrity athlete interview in high school with baseball and football Great, Bo Jackson, and I went on to cover the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta. While in college I wrote for the sports section of my college paper. While doing morning drive radio in Atlanta, I met a number of athletes and when leaving that job I decided to open my own PR/Marketing Agency that catered to professional athletes. My first client became the starting QB for the Dallas Cowboys, Quincy Carter. So taking all of my sports passion and knowledge, I was able to put all of that into what I do today with Jersey Girl Sports.  

Little Less Scorned

We are officially at the second half of the baseball season, and I can say with %100 certainty I am still digging it. I actually watched the All-Star game, Home Run Derby, and all the other stuff that goes with it. I pay attention to scores everyday and I've been to a few MLB games this year. I know, you're in shock. So am I.

Female Sports Professional: Adena Andrews

Have you heard about Yes, it is a bit different from the LadyBallers mission but just as strong towards respect for female sports fans. ESPNW's "first business dedicated to serving female athletes and fans. We'll shine a brighter spotlight on women's sports, and put you in touch with top female athletes from across the globe." Today we have the pleasure with learning more about one of their columnists, Adena Andrews who has been in the sports industry for 7 years. 


Please give us a little background on how you got to your current role: After graduating from the University of Southern California in 2007 with a B.A. in Print Journalism I interned with ESPN The Magazine for six months. After that I began working at as an editor. Two years later, espnW was born and I was ready to embark on my new adventure. Lots of networking and the power of social media helped me get where I am and sharpen my skills.

Featured Foundation: The CP3 Foundation

I feel Chris Paul is one of the most talented, honorable, humble point guards in the NBA. Fun fact, did you know he was in People's 100 Most Beautiful People list back on 2006 AND GQ's Men of Year in 2008? You wouldn't be able to tell from his humbleness i know. On top of that he spends his time off with his son whom he adores as well as raising money for the community he grew up in.

Chris Paul


Must See TV

If you pay any attention to me at all you may know I'm a little overzealous when it comes to Duke and Penn State. That being said, a month or so ago when I heard this rumor that ESPN was going to do a special on Joe Paterno and Mike Krzyzewski I about went through the roof. What a grand idea! Well the time has come for this special to air. This is something that will only happen once in our lifetimes. the two greatest coaches in the history of their respective sports together at once (JoePa is pretty accepted as being the best, Coach K can be argued but in the end I'm sure he'll win).