About the LadyBallers

The “LadyBallers” is a social network of women and men alike who all have a common interest:

we are passionate about sports!

What started out as a basketball group on Twitter, in 2008, has quickly turned into a social network and blog for the love of all things sports, healthy competition, and excitement. Females always get a negative wrap when participating in or discussing sports so females created this community, for females and males, whom don’t judge women who love to watch, talk, and participate in sports. We communicate, celebrate and enjoy every arena of sports as well as one another. Join in the talk! Interested in being a guest blogger? Click here to learn how! Learn more about the LadyBallers:

Mission Statement:

"The LadyBallers strive to provide a supportive forum, on and offline, for the appreciation of female sports fans while paying tribute to athletes who go above and beyond by being champions, on and off the court, within their communities."


  • Support women and men alike who appreciate the female sports fan unconditionally.
  • Provide a sounding board for all fans of all sports and drive to showcase that all sports fans are equal.
  • Bring female sports fans to the forefront of sports appreciation, through social networking, while giving them a voice in an otherwise male dominated area.
  • Commitment to sharing our stories, opinions and thoughts while at the same time being completely open to all other opinions and thoughts out there.
  • Push to prove that athletes are not just one dimensional; That charities, foundations and community service are a huge aspect of sportsmanship.
  • Work together to stand up for the female sports fan and highlight the positive pieces of the sports world!